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SpeakerMatch has paired public speakers with meeting planners for ten years. They've teamed with Allen Media Strategies, one of America’s Most Respected Media, Marketing and P.R. Firms, to bring a similar service to experts seeking media attention. GuestMatch is a new, extremely low-priced and high-value web portal that will showcase you to national, regional and local media outlets. You can promote your book, product, business or cause by making yourself available for interview opportunities on this brand new directory of guest experts and celebrities!

How it works:

GuestMatch is an online resource for the media to find expert guests for their shows and articles. Many news programs are looking for guest experts hourly. As news breaks in any topic area, show producers scurry to locate an expert. Talk shows and drive-time radio shows are always looking for interesting guests on all sorts of topics. Internet radio shows and podcasts interview hundreds, if not thousands, of guests daily. And reporters are always looking for quotes and other information from experts.

Having a profile on GuestMatch makes it much more likely that one of these resources will find you -- and contact you -- for their program or article.

As an expert, you post "pitches" and a profile for the media to review. You can post unlimited pitches in any number of topic areas, and you can tag each pitch with keywords which are relevant to the people who may be searching for an expert like you.

Your profile can contain a biography, photos, videos, audio clips, your blog, and more.

Allen Media Strategies has deep connections to the strongest national media outlets in America; their clients have appeared on all the national television and radio networks including CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, Westwood One and Sirius/XM; the biggest websites including Yahoo News, AOLNews and the Huffington Post; and the country’s leading print outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, People, Parade and the Wall Street Journal.

The GuestMatch website is marketed to Allen Media Strategies' extensive database of over 150,000 top media outlets as THE place to find expert guests to interview. At GuestMatch, they’ll find information on YOU, including your bio, photo, audio and video samples, sample questions and more; all the information they’ll need to book your appearance! Imagine what just ONE appearance in the right media outlet could do for your family and business.

NOTE: Our service does not send out media leads for you to respond to. We provide media outlets with a resource they can use to easily find guests -- so they may not even need to "blast" their request if they find you first!

Part of our strategy for getting you attention is to make sure the media sees your profile in the best light possible.

Our unique online media kit offers you the tools to easily create an online media kit. In addition to a biography, you'll be able to create and post:

  • UNLIMITED pitches for topic ideas!
  • A personal blog
  • Articles
  • Video clips
  • Audio clips
  • Collateral material (documents and PDF files)

When we find a media outlet that's a good match for you, we will be able to refer them to your profile so that they can view all of your most current information.

It's EASY To Keep Your Information Current!

We make is super-simple to keep your profile updated, so the media will never have outdated information. You can access your account online 24-7 to make updates and post new information. Increase your chances of becoming a guest by letting the media know that you're available for the latest, hottest news topics.

Here’s the best part:

Marketing yourself at GuestMatch can save you thousands of dollars off the cost of doing large-scale press release mailings. And, as a special added bonus, we’ll send you our Allen Media Strategies Media Starter Kit, valued at $99.00, just for signing up GuestMatch!

Of course, you may remove your information at any time during the year, and we’ll never give your email to any unauthorized third party.

You will not find a more cost effective way to market yourself to media pros ANYWHERE else.

Can you afford to pass up on a deal like this?

If you paid for a great media campaign with a top flight media, marketing and P.R. firm like Allen Media Strategies including the time on Radio, Television, on-line and in print that you can receive at GuestMatch, it would cost you up to TEN, TWENTY, FIFTY, even ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. With GuestMatch, we put you in direct contact with media pros that looks for guests, giving you the free media exposure you are looking for, and complete control over your message and profile content. And, at just $249, the value makes it a no-brainer!

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$599 Annual Subscription

  • All Gold Features Plus...
  • Post Unlimited Media Pitches
  • Post Unlimited Videos
  • Create A Document Library
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